Federer winning another tournament without facing a top 10 player.

Tsitsi will hit the top-10 the on the day afterwards on the Monday?

Technicalities much?

I loved that old video however , JJ & his infamous dropshots!
Jerzy Jano' had this hilarious post match interview after a Wimbledon match quite a number of years ago. He was sweating whilst stuttering & nodding his head incessantly throughout the interview.It was like someone was doing something to him beneath the camera , it was so funny. But i cannot find it anymore?

I am just stuck with his rage-quit-keyboard bash videos for now lol

Lew II

Hall of Fame
Matches won in tournaments won:

vs no.1

Nadal 18 (0.22 per title)
Djokovic 13 (0.18)
Federer 8 (0.08)

vs top5

Djokovic 73 (1)
Nadal 55 (0.69)
Federer 66 (0.66)

vs top10

Djokovic 137 (1.88)
Federer 137 (1.37)
Nadal 101 (1.26)

vs top20

Djokovic 193 (2.60)
Nadal 164 (2.05)
Federer 204 (2.04)
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