Federer wore his trousers the wrong way round!!!


Because they're white, it's barely even noticeable anyways. Some people are paying too much attention to his Wilanders.


James Scott Connors & Illie Nastase wore top hats when they played doubles at the Championships in the 1970's, no clothing companies involved. Trey Walke played in long white pants and a white dress shirt once as I remember.


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Fed is going with the theory that since twirling the racquet doesn't matter, or which side of the ball you hit, same applies to trousers.

Nadal would never make such a mistake, because his butt picking provides instant feedback on this.


well observed ! :p
but i don't understand how he didn't notice it... or maybe he did but was too lazy to change it and told himself "well, they won't notice it !"

... but they did ! :rolleyes:
Yeah, it's like those aliens. They think we would not notice all those UFO they have been flying, all the abductions they've done.

Anyway 5-time Wimby Champion Roger must have been spanked by Mrs. Federer for wearing pants like that. :-(