Federer's 2010-11 Indoor Record


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Over the past two years Roger has been pretty unbelievable indoors, almost two years unbeaten, with a 32-1 record, only losing the one match last year whilst having 5 mp's against Monfils in the Paris SF's, he's had a perfect 10-0 against all the top 8 players at the WTF's over the past two years, which is also pretty unbelievable. Winning titles in Stockholm, Basel twice, Paris, and the WTF's twice. Just amazing stats, will be interesting how he does this time next year, there's no doubting he's the man to beat indoors, just an unbelievable way to end the season with the perfect 15-0 record indoors.

The Bawss

He is a monster indoors. Its ridiculous to think that if he had been able to take one of those 5mps he would currently be on a 33-1 or, more probably a 34-0 (because Soderling is his pigeon) indoor record over the last 2 years. Which would be even more silly than his record currently is.


I think, there is no separate indoor circuit now, only hard courts. So was the opinion of most ****s in a thread about hard court records. I would prefer to call those events indoor events, and separate them from outdoor hard courts. But you can't count them twice.


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Take away anything that can randomly influence the trajectory of the ball (i.e. the elements, weird bounces, etc.) and Federer remains the absolute best.