Federer's best chance at a title may be gone :(


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No way around it, will have to extend his presence on the tour for another year to have a proper farewell.


Roger will become the 1st man to win a grand slam in his 40s next year

( This year I don't think he is winning any slams )


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i had no idea that tennistv.com do not braod cast WTA matches in addition to 4 grand slams both male/female coverage

i do not have money to subscribe to tennistv.com, so i never visited their website before today

i visited their website today just for knowledge


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Im not trolling him though, he really does like to play in Basel.

Yeah but you didn't have to say it was his 'best shot' at a title

Anyway, not a biggie. This prediction business is like playing Minesweeper; never know when it might blow up in one's face.


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Why do they need to cancel an event scheduled to take place in NOVEMBER right now?

Edit: though it might mean he keeps his 500 points from 2019 lmao
He won't, unless further changes are made to the rankings

The rankings return to "normal" in the NA HC season


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So ridiculous. Most people are already vaccinated and those who wish a vaccine should all have it by October. Talk about jumping the gun here.