federers emipre!!!! when will it fall?

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by junglebrothers66, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. junglebrothers66

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    Jul 4, 2005
    its seems everyone ( in this fourm) is questioning and wondering who will beat or rival federer for years to come ? and i get the sense everyone now is waiting for federer to fall cos he is being so dominate in the last 22 months.

    the answer is simple right now, no one will beat federer not on a regular basis or rival him this year at least . he will sure be beaten here and there but not consistently ... not any time soon

    from what i see he has such a complex game and so many weapons of choice he can dismantle the best tactians and power houses of the game ..." he is head and shoulders above the rest " quoted by safin ,,,

    i know 3 guys have beaten federer this year , gasquet and nadal on clay and safin at the aussie open ,,on paper nadal the only man who can give federer a run for his money he leads the tie by 2-1
    ,, federer have beaten nadal only once in an epic at miami where nadal was serving with only 2 points away from the championship federer showed why he should be one of the greatest, he obviously won in five .

    federer leads safin 7-2 but thats not the case ,, the last 3 matchs they played were so close it could of easly gone both ways,its really up to safin to make the effort to step it up when necessary , personally i think he is getting there he showed tranquility and self control at wimmby and halle ,,
    safin should stick to peter

    for gasquet iam not sure ,they are both tied 1 all ,both times were played
    on clay , we are not sure of qasquet great potenial on other surfaces ( espically hard ) he is sill learning,he is great talent though only time will tell with richard.

    all of them have 2 things in common

    1- they have beaten federer from the baseline
    2- they are extremely aggressive players.
  2. pound cat

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    Feb 22, 2004
    3. He doesn't intimidate them
  3. Phil Daddario

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Has this not been talked about enough? God, it's EVERYWHERE.

    Safin is too inconsistent. You need a big, high-risk game to beat Fed. High risk means lots of risk, obviously. You're not going to win unless you're on top of your game completely, which doesn't happen often for anyone, especially Safin.

    It's also been gone over that prime contenders for the "Federer rival" position include Safin, Gasquet, and Nadal for the most part. But it's ALSO already been gone over that Nadal won't be able to win except on clay (which he can win often, I believe), Safin as said is too inconsistent, and Gasquet has a lot to work on.

    But honestly, just look. These threads are everywhere.

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