Federer's Grand Slam records so far

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    This is just his Grand Slam numbers:

    With his victory over Marcos Baghdatis at the 2006 Australian Open, Federer became the first man to win three consecutive Grand Slam titles since Pete Sampras in 1993-94. Federer repeated this feat at the 2007 Australian Open, making him the only man to achieve this feat twice in the open era.

    Federer has won five consecutive men’s singles titles at Wimbledon (2003-2007), a feat accomplished only by Borg in the open era. In the 34 matches Federer played at Wimbledon during those years, he dropped just eight sets. In comparison, Borg lost nineteen sets over the five year period he won Wimbledon (1976-1980). Sampras lost fourteen sets over the four-year period he won Wimbledon (1997-2000). Federer, Sampras, and Borg are the only male players to have won five or more Wimbledon singles titles during the open era, with Federer winning 5, Sampras 7, and Borg 5.

    By reaching the singles final of the 2007 French Open, his eighth consecutive Grand Slam singles final, Federer broke the previous male record of seven consecutive Grand Slam singles finals set in 1934 by Australian Jack Crawford. He subsequently extended his own male record by appearing in the final of the 2007 Wimbledon Championships and 2007 U.S. Open making this ten.
    His run was stopped by a semifinal loss to Novak Đoković at the 2008 Australian Open. Steffi Graf appeared in a record 13 consecutive Grand Slams singles finals, from the 1987 French Open through the 1990 French Open.

    With winning the 2007 Australian Open, Federer won his sixth Grand Slam singles title in his last seven attempts, equaling Laver’s accomplishment.
    At the 2007 Australian Open, Federer became just the fourth man in the open era to win a Grand Slam singles title without dropping a set. The last man to do this was Borg at the 1980 French Open. The only other man to win the Australian Open without dropping a set was Ken Rosewall in 1971, although he had to play only five matches.

    Federer is also the only male player to have two streaks of 27 consecutive Grand Slams singles match wins, 2 matches short of the record set by Laver.
    By winning the 2007 Wimbledon Championships, Federer became the only male player to have won at least 2 Grand Slam titles per year for 4 consecutive years (2004-07).

    By winning the 2007 U.S. Open, Federer now holds the open era record for most consecutive U.S. Open titles at four. The previous open era record was three consecutive U.S. Open titles by both Lendl and McEnroe.

    At the 2007 U.S. Open, Federer earned US$2.4 million, the highest prize money ever awarded at a single tournament, due to a $1 million bonus for winning the 2007 U.S. Open Series.

    Federer and Nadal are the only No. 1 and 2 pair to contest back-to-back the French and Wimbledon finals for two years in a row (2006-7). If they both make it into the '08 Wimbledon final, it will be the fourth time.

    Federer is the second player to win two different Grand Slam tournaments at least four times consecutively (Wimbledon and the US Open). Borg was the first person to achieve this feat (French Open and Wimbledon).

    During the open era, only Federer (2003-07), McEnroe (1980-84), and Borg (1976-81) have appeared in five or more consecutive Wimbledon singles finals.
    During the open era, only Federer (2006, against Nadal), Sampras (1994, against Ivanišević) and Becker (1989, against Edberg) have won a 6-0 set in a Wimbledon final.

    Federer’s defeat of Lleyton Hewitt in the 2004 US Open final was the first time during the open era that a player had won two 6-0 sets in a Grand Slam singles final.

    Federer is the only male player of the open era to win at least one 6-0 set in the singles final of three different Grand Slam tournaments: the 2006 Australian Open against Baghdatis, the 2006 Wimbledon final against Nadal, and the 2004 US Open against Hewitt.

    As of June 2008, Federer has appeared in sixteen consecutive Grand Dlam semi-finals.
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    Congratulations to Raphael Nadal on another amazing Clay Court run at the French Open!
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    Before anything. Congrats Nadal on an impressive 4th straight FO, and he still hasn't played a fifth set. Just incredible

    Now it's nice to see this post that opened this topic, because you know the Federer bashers are just going to go hog wild on this French Open result.

    But as Federer said himself, as soon as he loses a set, people think he's off his game. However, today he certainly was way off. No idea why, as the announcers said, there was really nothing over the clay court season that would have given us a clue to this happening.

    We can also add 16 straight semi-finals. Not sure what the record is on that one though.

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