Feds biggest weakness

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Just doesn't defend body serves well!

Tsitsipas 4th round AO and djoker W finals constantly eat him up on this. Not to mention many other examples.

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That's every one handers's weakness though. Even Thiem's.
I think it’s the biggest weakness in Federer’s game, assuming all his shots are at their peak level. Thiem for example handles high balls to the BH much better for couple reasons and I don’t think I’d list it as the biggest weakness in his game.


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I can't believe I'm about to say this about a player with 20 majors and arguably the GOAT, but I always thought he was a bit weak mentally compared to Rafa and Novak. I think it's the reason why his BP conversion is so terrible and why he's been more often than not on the losing end when things get tight against Djokovic or Nadal. Much like when he's getting a break point, when there's a big point and he's under the pressure, one of the greatest attacking player of all time suddenly turns into a very passive one and that hardly ever works unless his opponent gifts him the point. It's easy to say this when you're not the one on court facing the pressure, but if being offensive has gotten you this far, why change something that's working?


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Break point conversions (especially in his later years) and lack of a true killer instinct. Had he had Connors or Nadal's killer instinct, he would be sitting on 30 majors. 20 is still quite spectacular. :)
They all have their weaknesses: Got to be pleased with 20 GS.
What I am thinking when I watch Fed is that I wish Rafa had a better serve and didn’t have to fight for every bloody point that much.


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he lost his explosive forehand
it use to be the biggest shot in the game now its a rally shot to construct points
his backhand is weaker but thats how it is for every player

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Doesn’t he have like 23 matches won after saving MPs? And 10 matches won after losing the first two sets? I’m pretty sure both are records, but correct me if I’m wrong.
He isn't good at performing comebacks against top opponents usually. Nadal Wimb 2008, Djokovic Wimb 2019, Nadal AO 2009 and others. He gives you hope, then proceeds to crush it.
Clutchness when ahead. He’s pretty good coming from behind but when he’s ahead there’s room to worry.
It's quite puzzling to be honest - Federer in his prime was known to be the greatest frontrunner in tennis. If you gave him a lead, you just weren't getting it back - unless you were either Nalbandian or Djokovic. But as he got older, his confidence wavered more often - especially in 2010, where he lost multiple matches after holding match points.


He has those big number stats mostly because his very long career. However, he has more matches lost after having MP than 23.
Compare those stats with Nadal/Djokovic.