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Discussion in 'TW Questions/Comments' started by Vitaly Evchenkov, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. TW,

    I have ordered a LOT of stuff from you.
    My family thinks I've ordered way too much,
    but hey, I am a tennis junky!

    Anyway, I needed to order from someplace else as so
    rarely happens that TW is out of my size on a couple of items.

    Here is the difference between TW and "the rest".

    The shoes that should fit my feet, don't fit. This has happened to me a lot with Nike. Sometimes I wear 10.5, sometimes 11, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to know which one when ordering online.
    TW, of course, knows how hard it is to buy shoes online and includes a return shipping label to quickly exchange shoe sizes.
    At "the other place", they make me generate labels and pay for shipping both ways, at a price much more than TW negotiates with UPS.
    If you order online from the "other place" your order summary never tells you if the item is actually in stock or backordered which can be frustrating too.

    Anyway, I am returning all of my junk from the "other place" and never bothering with the hassle just to get some clearance items.

    The one thing that the "other place" does do, which I wish TW did, is they sent me a coupon for 10% off my next order everytime I place an order. It would be easy for TW to do the same thing, so I am not tempted to shop at these other jokers anymore!!!!

    I can pretty much bet that the other place will take much longer to process my returns than TW ever has too... but I will just have to wait and see about that.

    So, anyway.. the too big shoes are going back to Ohio, and I am placing a shoe order with TW for the same model in a different color!!!! Take that... "other place"!!!

    I now will only do biz with TennisWarehouse and RunningWarehouse since they know how to treat customers!
    Go TW & RW!
    (but sometimes, please, throw a coupon my way! :mrgreen: )

    PROTENNIS63 Hall of Fame

    Jul 11, 2007
    They have free shipping which is like a $6 coupon. :)
  3. hacker

    hacker New User

    Oct 25, 2005
    I had some Adidas that were too big and TW took them back without question and sent another size. I'm impressed by their service and the turn around time was quick.

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