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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Lotto, Apr 20, 2008.

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    Nov 26, 2007
    Ok, my Six One Team came back after being strung and they strung it with Technifibre 1.30 or something like that and I don't know what tension.
    Now, I played with it today for the first time since it got re-strung and I noticed that I have no feel playing with it.

    In the Team there is no shock at all and I think that's why there's no feel and I can't really control my shots or hit drop shots aswell without any shock.
    In the Triad 6 which is strung with Wilson Sensation NXT there's this bit of shock in it and you can really feel the ball. I played a match and I was hitting amazing backhand dropshots, my opponents told me that it didn't even look like the ball was coming over until it did.

    So, why is this happening? Why do I have more control, touch and power in a Triad 6 106 sq. in. head then in a Six One Team?

    So, two questions really:

    1) Is there any way to make the Team feel like the Triad?

    2)If not, what racquet out there has the "feel" of the Triad but headsize of the Team. Preferably Wilson but if not I can put a wilson paintjob on it.

    And I know it's not because I'm not hitting it in the sweetspot because I'm hitting the ball exactly in the middle most of the time with both racquets but still the same results.

    Thanks again.

    Here are the "stats" of both racquets for help.

    Wilson Triad 6.0 (106)

    The Triad 6.0 is a quick, powerful, accurate and comfortable frame. Best suited for players with fast, long, loopy strokes, the Triad 6.0 provides specially tuned ISO-ZORB in the throat for more feel without compromising comfort.

    Composition/Construction: Hyper Carbon 10%, Graphite 90%
    Headsize: MP 106
    Length: 27.5
    String Pattern(Mains X Crosses): 16x20
    Recommended String Tension: 55-65 lbs
    Beam Width: 23.5mm
    Balance: 5pts Head Heavy
    Frame Technology: Triad, Hammer
    Grip Type: Tri-Layer Gel
    Swing Type: Fast/Long & Loopy
    Weight Strung: 9.6oz/272.5g
    Manuf. Recommended String: Sensation NXT

    K-Six One Team

    A lighter and less demanding offering in the K Factor line, the KSix-One Team brings a healthy sweetspot and more maneuverability to the court. There's still plenty of mass for solid hitting, but it's much easier to generate racquet head speed through the contact zone with this racquet compared to the heavier KSix-One 95s. The tight string pattern offers lots of control and feel. At contact the player is greeted with a comfortable and clean feeling response. We found good targeting from all areas of the court with this racquet. At net the KSix-One Team is easy to get around, offers a very precise feel and impressive comfort. Our TW testers found they could swing aggressively on approach shots and short angles with this racquet while still finding lots of control and feel. Well suited to players who like to attack from a variety of court positions, this one will find a good match with players at the 4.5+ level

    Head Size:
    95 sq. in. / 613 sq. cm.
    Length: 27 inches / 69 cmStrung Weight: 10.9oz / 309gBalance: Even BalanceSwingweight: 325Stiffness: 59Beam Width: 21 mm Straight BeamComposition: nCoded High Modulus Graphite / Carbon BlackPower Level: Low-MediumSwing Speed: Moderate-FastGrip Type: Wilson TrueGripString Pattern:
    18 Mains / 20 Crosses
    Mains skip: 8T,10T,8H,10H
    One Piece
    No shared holes
    String Tension: 50-60 pounds
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    You say you don't know the tension it's strung at? That could be part of the problem right there. You need to learn what tension is best for you. Another thing to consider is that some strings need to break in before they feel their best. It takes an hour or so before my strings feel the way I like them to.

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