Feels like a stinger in the elbow [Elbow issues]


I would really appreciate some input on this issue. I have, for the past 6 years with increasing frequency, been getting some really bad elbow pain at certain times while playing tennis. I seems to happen most consistently when I'm late on a backhand (one handed). If I hit the ball just right I get such a pain, like a shot, that at times, I have to just drop the racquet and shake it out. Usually it doesn't linger and I'm fine to continue playing, but sometimes I feel some discomfort in the elbow for a day or so.
There was a pro at a local club who had a similar issue and was told he had an elongated nerve that sometimes got stretched if he bent the elbow just right. The cure was a minor surgery to shorten the nerve, but it required 6 months of rehab to get back on the courts.
Has anyone had experience with this kind of pain, or the elongated nerve problem?
geez... sounds like tennis-elbow to me. Where on the elbow? Are you able to locate the point of pain with your finger? If it's on the "outward" side, where tendons attach to the bone, then it is tennis elbow. If so, stop playing tennis until the pain has completely abated. ..Otherwise, this injury will become chronic. ..I speak from experience, I've had BOTH arms surgically repaired as a result of TE.


Hey hifi, thank you for answering my post about where you had the arthroscopic elbow surgery. Would you mind if I asked a few more questions about your experience? I grew up in Philly and went to Penn so it would not be out of the question for me to go to UP for surgery even though I live in Atlanta. There are no Docs here doing arthro on the elbow.
--Was it successful for you?
--How long off the courts with arthroscopy on the elbow?
--Can they do arthro on GE(inside) or just TE?
Thanks a lot!!!


I'm pretty sure it's not tennis elbow.
My understanding is tennis elbow is a ligament strain or tear that causes lingering, sort of burning, pain in the forearm or bicep after playing tennis. The pain may linger a few hours or even a day or so after playing.
This is a sharp shooting pain that goes a way almost immediately. The location of the pain is just on the inside of the ball part of the elbow.

Yes, it was successful. I had the surgery in early September, and was back to playing once/week in late January. ..The best part about it is that I'm not only free of pain, but I feel like my arm has a great deal more strength.

As for arthroscopic GE surgery - I'm not sure, but I suspect this is possible as well. ..The doc (Mathew Ramsey) is a good guy and (I think) will give you an honest, objective appraisal of what surgery will do for you.

..I've had TE in both arms (and both fixed surgically) and I never had pain in my bicep. Forearm, yes - bicep, no. Anyway, if the pain is on the inside, then would more likely be Golfer's Elbow. I'd get to a good "elbow" doc quickly! And don't play for now. ..If the pain is there only when you're playing, then you may only be in the early stages which may mean you need to do nothing more than simply rest it. ..If you continue to play, you'll turn this nuisance problem into a chronic injury.