Fellow Cage 3 exiles...to which shoe are you going?


I may give the 4s a shot when my last pair of 3s wear out. If not maybe the Gel Res 8s, they felt alright when I tried them on. Or wait to see if the Nike GP will surprise and I'll give them a go (or even the new Challenges)...
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Next shoe will be the Cage 4, I’m still playing in the Cage 3’s for now. Worst case scenario if they aren’t as good, Cage 3 enthusiasts can stock up.


I like the cage 3–still have 4 pairs in rotation, two nearly new—and have tried/will be keeping the cage 4. Cage 3 was supportive, had traction that did what I wanted, and was just durable enough for me. It fit my narrower foot well too. Not quite enough cushion for super long days on court, but I wouldn’t say it was lacking. The cage 4 ups the support and durability for me and has similarly responsive traction. It maybe doesn’t slide as easily, but it’s still in my wheelhouse there. Cushioning is much greater, and despite the scale it feels light...probably because it wraps my foot securely and flexes with it well. Really impressed by the update, and I think it improves upon the strength of the 3s. Not always is an updated shoe a better shoe (vapor 9.5 to X for many folks), but IMO it is here.


Adidas Stycon is snug and stable, more supportive and stable than the AC3. And wears even better than the AC3, but without the 6 mth warranty.


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I've been using Cages for many years. With each generation, think I'll hate the new ones but end up switching to the new version. Will probably give the new 4 a try rather than stock up on 3s. Not nearly as picky (OCD) about my shoes as racquets... 8-B

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Not sure. May try the new mizunos at some point. Had a few good pairs before moving to the cage 3. Luckily the cages are pretty durable and I have a few new pairs in the closet.


Maybe still needs some mods for Nadal to wear his custom cage 4 like some years ago with ballistec to ZC3
He did have his modded cage 4s at the AO, but by that image it looks like the 3 no? Or maybe it's the 4s and it's just the angle.


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Cage 3's were decent, moved on to Zoom Zero's but not as comfortable especially in the upper. I went back to Asics currently SSFF for practice and Court FF2 for matches. Likely will get some GR8's.