Fellow Novak fans, would you be happy with Nadal having the all time slam record?

Mike Sams

What does it matter? None of them are going to hold the record for long anyway. Medvedev will win 23 Slams and be the leader.


How do all you haters survive all this time knowing Fed's been in front since 2009? When you say "anyone but Federer," it IS Federer right now and has been for a decade. Novak is nowhere near passing him and needs 5 more to do it. And after today, Novak takes another hit because Nadal will be 4 ahead of him in order to pass.
Nadal winning or losing today wouldn't have changed how far Djokovic is from the Slam record

And between Nadal and Federer, the choice is easy for me


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Sure. They are both such great competitors and rivals, they left nothing behind on court and will have few regrets when they hang up their rackets as no. 1 and no. 2.
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well ofcourse .
Next few years the battle to be the slam leader is between Novak and Rafa..
Either way il be content .
Rafa will fully deserve ,as he has been the toughest rival for Novak...

King No1e

Yes. He was always Federer's kryptonite when no one else could beat him. It would be poetic and thoroughly deserved if Nadal beat the record.


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I think I wouldn't mind, I really like Nadal, I've enjoyed all the Novak and Nadal battles, it's a shame Novak only started winning multiple Grand Slams since 2011, otherwise I think he would be the GS count leader.
As a Nadal fan I will just say I hope it's either nadal or djoker who taker the all time slam lead and they both pass fed.