FH (with pic)


Footwork is atrocious. The stance is not modern. Contact point needs to be more out front.

Need to see what the finish looks like. :)


Funny how folks see things different.

Looks very modern to me ....semi open stance with feet mostly forward,
dragging the laid back racket from below to find the ball,
and look how perfectly the right hand has cleared.
Nice balance and hand relationship to finding the ball.
If they pull nicely across and continue up, the racket head will
likely accel nicely right up and across the ball.
Face may be too open though.
Very Nice IMO.
Lol, wasn't meant for serious responses, guys, he is only 3..

actually finishes high and gets the bulk of them over and in, but look at the smile, who cares at this stage, really?


I had my kid locked with an ankle chain to the tennis court at 3. And made him play with a 16 ounce racket. A ps85 leaded up. No dinner until 10000 fhs per day.

Your going too easy.
Oh, he isn't mine, he is a mate's lad. Bit of a tennis dynasty, actually, he probably will end up kicking all our butts..

My youngest is nearly 13, hits the ball like he's trying to break it!

mad dog1

At the service line?, I would lob that little punk all day! :twisted::evil:

why even bother to lob??? with that tiny wingspan, he won't be able cover passing shots well so you should be able to pass him all day long. :twisted: