Fighting for Bananas


Hall of Fame
There was once a time when Bananas were hard to find. Many monkeys all over the green forests had to fight hard to get hold of bananas. A great Alpha-male monkey came along and would steal all the organically grown Bananas, all for himself. He would dominate all the other monkeys. Hundreds of monkeys tried to overthrow the aging Alpha-male. It did not work, as the Alpha-male could jump too high.

One day a great young monkey came along and took over as Alpha-male. He could not jump as high but he was agile in his feet and had great anti-ageing abilities. The monkeys had one sole great battle, but the Alpha-male was past his prime and barely lost. He decided to never battle for Bananas anymore. He had enough Bananas, or so he thought.

As monkeys died out, the new young Alpha-male had no one to rival him for Bananas. Organically grown Bananas became scarce and the monkeys all had to rely on GMO Bananas. Two great monkeys came along to battle with the Alpha-male. The first was very powerful, but liked to play in dirt. The second was very flexible and fit, but was envious of the other two monkeys. All three monkeys fought for years, with no other monkeys to be found.

Eventually the three monkeys shared all of the Bananas in harmony, even though they were not as tasty and wholesome as the organically grown ones.

The old Alpha-male was the only one who truly tasted organically grown Bananas...
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