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You beat me to the post..... @innoVAShaun, you are a pic posting wizard!!
Wondered what people knew about these?
Saw them on another tennis site.
The description calls it a "mid-price" addition to the energized line......listed at $130 on that site.
More expensive than the Axilus and is $130 mid-price these days? HOLY COW!

Is this the shoe Reilly Opelka developed and is wearing? I always noticed his new Fila shoes had a big "F" logo instead of the word "Fila"
Anyone know this?
These shoes do look good.


The all white speed serves are so stylish, can’t wait to get a pair. If it doesn’t work well on the court, I would wear these casually. How have people been finding Fila shoe sizes, say compared to Nike, adidas or asics?


I was able to try these on in my size at the shop today. They are definitely roomy as mentioned in the description. The width felt great throughout the shoe in stock form even with the laces fully tightened. They feel very lightweight compared to my Torneos. The out soles are a bit thinner than I expected and I guess that is why they are backed by a warranty.

Once I put my custom orthotics in, my feet within the shoes dropped pretty low to the ground. I had the same bad luck as I did with my SFX3s where I would end up with too much room all around. I'm sure my toes would move around, and my heels would slip if I were to imitate tennis movements. I wasn't able to try a half size lower, but I would consider pulling the trigger to give these a try.



But heavier than the Flys and SFX3 though right? (Of the same sizes)

This is what their website has:

Speed Serve: 13.0 Ounces (Size 9)

Torneo AG: 14.1 Ounces (Size 9)

Torneo Clay: 13.2 Ounces (Size 9)

B.Fly 3 AG: 10.9 Ounces (Size 7)

B.Fly 3 Clay: 14.3 Ounces (Size 9.5)

No longer carry SFX3


I'm digging Kwon Soon-woo's pink Speedserves

I like the white/red combo. Caught my eye when Troy was wearing them on a recent review. If a truly wide fit as advertised then I'd be game to try these, but some cushioning has to be there.


According to his review the shoes are wide but short.And that is not the biggest problem.He says that he has heel slippage on his regular 10.5 which is short according to him,so imagine going half a number up.The fit is going to be demanding in those...


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anyone have a review to offer for these? I'm hoping they're similar to the axilus 2 but with more cushioning in the forefoot and a more supportive upper. would be nice if there was less heel slippage compared to the axilus 2 as well.


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Got these on sale during the TW Fila sale (50% off!). Speed Serve = SS, Axilus 2 = A2. For reference, the Lotto Raptor, KSwiss Supreme, Diadora Blueshield 4 half a size down, GP Turbo half size up, Yonex Sonicage 2 (2E) are all shoes that generally fit me well.

Fit. Pretty similar to the A2. They both have Fila's somewhat odd, shortened length, but the SS is a little wider with a bit more softness on the inside, so the toe box is slightly more comfortable and less bare feeling than the A2. While the extra room on the SS is great for the toe box, I felt my midfoot had too much to move around, and the lace system feels a little narrow. I don't feel quite as secure, but when doing lateral movements in my house, it didn't necessarily slip around that much surprisingly. I did immediately change the laces to a runner's knot, so that definitely helped tighten up the uppers. I might add another runner's knot to the mid of the shoe. The SS has less heel slippage than the A2, one of my major complaints with that shoe. There are still other shoes that feel more secure, but it's better. They seem to have added a harder heel counter, which helps a lot.

Comfort. The SS forefoot cushioning is a little more than the A2. A2 is definitely an on-the-ground feeling, and while the SS isn't super plush, it doesn't feel as raw. Heel cushioning is about the same, that is to say nice and bouncy. Tongue seems a bit more plush, can't feel the laces on my feet. Uppers are supportive without feeling too rigid or creating any pinching.

Durability. Can't comment as I've only tried these on around the house. The extra layers of wrap around the inner side of the big toe is nice, hopefully it doesn't tug on the texture. Like the A2, Fila pulled the outsole up to wrap around the side of the shoe a bit (you can see the tread pattern), so that was a nice touch for some peace of mind. The laces aren't my favorite (I wish they were bubble instead of uniform), but they solid and are far better than the super soft ones on the A2 which just fall apart. I am a little nervous about the top two eyelets for the laces though, as the material seems quite thin.

Performance. Again, can't comment. Like I said, the wider fit makes me a little nervous, but it doesn't seem to be as big an issue as it feels. Surprisingly, these feel even more stable than the A2. A2 was already a stable shoe, but I think the extra width on these shoes gives a slightly wider flange for additional support. I put my A2 against the SS, and indeed the outsole comes out a little wider. When trying on shoes, I always walk on the outside side of my feet to see how wobbly they are or how easy it is to rollover, and it was very hard to do with this shoe. Outsole is quite sticky out of the box, but I imagine they will smooth out like the A2 did. They are supportive and cushioned without feeling heavy. I think Fila struck a really great balance with this shoe.

Ventilation. I left these on my feet for awhile to see how hot they get. Some shoes burn my feet up quite quickly, but these passed the test. If you look closely, there is a decent amount of ventilation throughout the shoe. I'm not worried about these shoes getting too hot.

Overall, these shoes seem great, especially at the price I got them. I'm surprised they didn't sell out. I guess Fila is less popular. Handsome shoe, not heavy but supportive, seem durable enough, comfy wide fit, well-balanced design.
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