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Discussion in 'Tennis Travel' started by tennisfan4, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. tennisfan4

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    Apr 5, 2004
    Does anyone have any suggestions about finding a tennis partner. I posted to a message board but then I got a little creeped out. I got one reply, which was perfectly normal sounding, but I just started feeling like it was similar to online dating. I mean the guy sounded fine but I don't really feel good about driving somewhere I don't really know and meeting someone who could be some kind of weirdo. I also wouldn't feel great about having him come and meet me where I play because I live really close by and I don't want a stranger knowing where I live. So I know this was a little long winded but does anyone have any suggestions on how I can meet someone to hit with like 3 or so times a week and I can be reasonably sure that they only want to meet me to play tennis?
  2. cantaloupe

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    Feb 21, 2004
    sure wear a ski mask :lol: ,

    no seriously y dont u just go to ur club and see who is always there, and just ask them to play tennis??/

    I swear at every club i've belonged to there's been 1 or 2 people that just lives to play tennis, they are usually older, plays well, in fantastic shape, and can give anyone pointers on their game.

    all the best in finding a tennis partner,
  3. guernica1

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    Feb 21, 2004
    dude its hard...

    its been one of my biggest problems since i moved to a new city a couple years ago.

    first of all the highest yield is probably to join a good club, with the emphasis word on GOOD. if you join a club where there are few players and pro's then you're just wasting money.

    Clubs however are expensive and in my city the best club has a 750 init fee and then 125/month on top of that plus a 45 minute drive each way. At the time I moved here i wasn't sure i wasn't sure i was going to be in this city that city so i didn't do it which i still don't think was a bad decision but overall its still hard to do it.

    As for the message board thing, get over feeling creeped out. I've done it before and it works fine. In fact a few good practice partners i've had in the past were message board types simply because they had the similar drive to find a partner.

    Just be smart, play at a well-traveled park or something and have a cell phone. Meet mutually at a park and identify yourself as 'the guy with the red wilson bag' or whatever. You don't even have to give a phone number really.

    Best of luck.. You live in Atlanta. From what I hear most of the action is in Leagues so you're best off trying to find a couple steady partners and perhaps joining those leagues which I hear are extremely competitive.

    And depending on your finances join a club because that really is the best way to meet people to play.
  4. matchpoints

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    Feb 21, 2004
    Billings, MT
    How do you not find someone in Atlanta? I just met a few folks from there and the tennis scene seems to be huge. Do what I do, go around walking with a t-shirt that says "will work for tennis". I'm sure abrave soul will approach you in the freezer section of your local Grocery Store :mrgreen:
  5. menelaos

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    Apr 26, 2004
    New York Metro Tennis partner

    Any people looking for 'consistent' hitting partners in the NY Metro Area around 4-4.5?
    If yes, let me know at

  6. jeorge

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    tennis parner

    is hard trust me iam trying myself to find a parner too.i live in atlanta maybe we can meet in the tennis court it wiil be safer that way
  7. jeorge

    jeorge Guest

    lookin for someon eto play tennis in atlanta.midtown,piedmont park.
  8. NoBadMojo

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    Feb 19, 2004
    Parts unknown
    in the Atlanta area contact ALTA which is an enormous tennis network. i am sure you can find a number of people on your level to play with. i think the website is or .com..check it out

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