First impression of the Silent Partner Ultra Lite ball machine

Discussion in 'Other Equipment' started by lidation, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. lidation

    lidation Rookie

    May 4, 2007
    Just got it in the mail yesterday. Today I went out and tried it. A few things I would like to share with you guys who intend to buy a ball machine.

    1. Get plenty of balls, preferrably 100 - 150. I only have 30 balls in total so within a couple of minutes of hitting I have to go around the court to pick up the balls. This is so annoying.

    2. Get a ball hopper. There is no way you can pick up scores of balls without a ball hopper. They are cheap ($20-$40).

    3. The ball machine is very useful in grooving strokes. This is the first time I used it and I have already found some of my fatal weaknesses, like I could barely hit shoulder-high back hand balls. :-( I wasn't even aware of this due to the inconsistency in playing with people. (well, I am <3 and my hitting friends are at best 3).

    4. No need for ball speeds >60MPH. You never realize how fast those 60MPH balls are. My SP Ultra lite goes up to 95MPH but I don't that I will use it in the foreseable future. 60MPH balls rallying is too fast for me already.

    5. Spin-control is a good thing.

    That's all I can say after 1.5 hrs of playing with the ball machine. I am shopping for couple hundred used balls at the great auction site right now. I can't play with 30 balls.
  2. dougmatic

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    Sep 1, 2007
    tennis balls

    Hey, I read your post regarding your new machine, congrats. I was wondering if you wanted to buy some balls off me, I have a bunch since I just sold my ball machine. I have 117 in total, 93 of which are pressureless. You really want to get some pressureless balls for your machine, if you throw a flat ball out with your machine it won't catch well on the wheels and the ball will go short or into the net. E-mail me at if interested. Thanks.

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