First Job

I'm filling out an application for my first job, I just want to get some money coming in on the weekends. I'm 16 and I applied for working the front desk but just wanted to ask, what exactly do I do at the front desk :? Haha thanks


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That depends wholy on where you are applying. Be honest and ask them what you'll be doing if they give you an interview. Asking will look good anyway.

Good luck


Good Luck, I'm applying for tennis teaching jobs over the summer at local clubs since they are in need of them.


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Alright well I applied at the Wayside Raquet and Swim Club, and thanks man :D
Sounds like you check guests membership cards or whatever. I had a similar job once. It's not bad at all. Interact with people, admire the occcasional pretty lady, and if there's enough down time, you can read or something in-between tasks.


Hold a couple of courts reserved in your own name for peak times, and then have a sketchy noncommital look on your face when people ask for peak court time on short notice. That way you could get some cash coming in on weekends. Just kidding, of course;):neutral:


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I just started my first job about 3 weeks ago. So far the pay is good and it's not too tough. Love the extra cash in my pocket.


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I'm graduating college in 2 weeks, I've applied to like thirty jobs. Bummer.
Oh, I remember that time. I think I had 10 interviews before my first offer.

Good luck - it's a trying process. Be patient and take your time with regard to accepting any offer.