First time string RPM Blast 18


I just bought a few packs of RPM Blast with the recent sale that TW has going on. I figured I'll check out what all the hype is about.

Most polys, I'll string up at 50 just to get a reference feel for. I think that may be too low for Blast 18 though. I noticed when prestretching it, that this string is very elastic for a poly.

I haven't hit with it it yet, so I can't comment on feel yet.

While stringing, I noticed that the string is very slick.... slicker than any other poly I've strung. It makes me think that this string might be an awesome cross string for gut mains. Also, this string does not feel like an octagonal string at all. Maybe that is because the 18 ga is so small that you can't feel the shape of the string. it looks like a round string.


Talk Tennis Guru
I tried this string as a cross (in 16 gauge though) and the snapback was amazing... However the string saws through the mains faster than just about anything else, so the edges are definitely there, even though we cannot feel them. I believe it has to do with RPM Blast's specific shape.


I wonder if the edges are not as pronounced on the 18 ga. I've never played with any of the rpm blast strings.