First time stringing Black Code and Tour Bite

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    Sep 19, 2007
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    Decided to try some of the newer 'soft' polys that will give me a little extra spin.

    So I am stringing up some Hybrids of Black Code 18 with Prince Topspin
    And Tour bite 18 with Prince Topspin

    Currently I have Klipper Soft Kevlar 16 as my mains and Prince Topspin strung at 59/64 respectively. I have been dropping the tension 1 on both the last couple of times to find my ideal tension.

    So given that what should i string the Black code and tour bite at?

    I have heard everything from string it at your multi tension to the standard -10% because its a poly.

    I wish I had a stiffness rating for both - does anyone have any of the RSI type numbers for the Klipper strings? They seem to be the only ones who make the soft kevlar. Its a really nice string. I tend to like that muted kinda feel and its quite a bit softer than regular kevlar.

    I am leaning toward stringing it at 58 at the moment assuming its as rigid as the soft kevlar.

    Any and all advice appreciated - I will stringing this up Tuesday night so I have a little under 24 hours from right now to go with something.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I'm not sure about the Tour bite but currently I'm experimenting with Black Code and Prince Topspin and I really like it. I have it strung at 53/57 (the recommended range on my racquet is 50 to 60 IIRC) and it provides pretty good control there. I will probably lower the tension to try and get a little more pop out of the racquet especially on my serve but overall I really like the Black Code/Topspin combination.

    Topspin is certainly a lot more durable when paired with Black Code that the last synthetic gut I tried, Technifibre e-Matrix. Black Code cuts through that string like a hacksaw and I was lucky if I got 10 hours of play out of it before it broke.

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