First USTA Match


The sign of a tough competitor.

Well sadly we lost the next match to the eventual winners. Couldn't break them down and find a way to win even though I was serving fine and returning extremely well. Admittedly the opposing woman has won 8.0 mixed in a tournament notorious for sandbagging and she had every tool in the tool box. Topspin moon balls off both wings. Short angled shots from either side and solid topspin groundstrokes and decent serve. The guy was someone that clearly played younger and was shaking off some rust as he could hit a great ball but was erratic at times.

Got down 0-5, battled back to 6-6 but lost the tie break. Then they kicked into high gear, quit missing and took us out 6-2 in the second set. Played well but in intermediate tournaments where there is no ranking system and people can play whatever level they want, sometimes you are going to meet someone slumming. They went on to win the 7.0 MXD without dropping a set. Good team.

First rule of rec tennis, there's always a bigger sandbagger.


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When I start a match, I do it with the attitude that the first couple of games at least are "warm-up". That means using high percentage spin serves to "warm up" my serve, steady ground strokes with plenty of margin and spin, returning to center court. By the 3rd game, I start to hit bigger flat serves, aggressive slice serves, serve & volley, inside-out FH, hitting groundstrokes flatter/lower to net.
I like this approach. Thanks for the tip.