Fischer 98" M-Pro no1

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    Nov 7, 2009

    Hope the link works, - first time I've used Flickr.

    Racquet is structurally 9.5/10, cosmetically 8.5+
    From a distance of about 3 feet, it looks brand new. I didn't buy it brand new, but I think the marks on it were storage, rather than playing marks. The grip (L5) was completely unmarked before I used it. I had an overgrip on it, & the adhesive has left a mark on the end, which can be seen in the pic.
    The bumper strip has some marks, but very fine, & the paint adjacent it has no chips.
    In theory, I'm a Grip 3, but prefer using 4 1/2 & it felt fine with an overgrip .... it surprises me that this says L5, if you're used to L4, this may well be fine for you.
    It is strung with a UK synthetic gut, & tested by me on 2-3 occasions, so approx 90 mins of use. I started out with an old Classic Pro, & have gone round in circles with different Fischers & strings. This one is probably the closest in feel to my old one, but I'm going to keep the old, since my stringer managed to get a new grommet strip.

    It's been used, - it's not going to be a collectors item, - if you want a Pro No 1 to use, for sensible money, this will fit the bill. I've seen a new one advertised for $199, & two sold as 'marked condition' at over $105. I think this one's better than 'marked'.
    My price £49/ 58Euro

    I'm in Scotland, Royal Mail's prices are going up on April 1st, - I would prefer to send by Recorded Delivery.
    I haven't sold on here before, but a Californian Fischer expert on here will vouch for me, if you wish. If you email me at I'll also give you my ID on the biggest auction site.
    Thanks for looking.

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