Fischer Comp-Lite 98", Grip 3

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    Nov 7, 2009
    Fischer Comp-Lite 98", Grip 3 (but has overgrip) 280g.
    Strung with Wilson NXT (multi)
    Vacuum-Technic 22mm Constant Beam frame
    Structurally in very good condition.... 8.5 - 9.
    Cosmetically 7- 7.5/10, being quite critical
    It does have a fair number of minor cosmetic marks. One's hand can be run round the bumper strip without getting scratched. There are a couple of small areas where the lacquer has lifted, & a number of small marks in the paintwork. The worst of those are in the black paint on the inside of the rim, one on each face. One is small, the other approx 3 times the size.
    Overall the racquet still has a smart appearance, with expensive, useable strings. (IMO) I got it re-strung to give it a fair try, but seem to prefer a heavier racquet.

    I'm in Scotland, haven't sold on here before, but a good friend in California who's a regular in the Fischer discussion thread will vouch for me.
    I would prefer to use Recorded Delivery. UK postal rates are going up on April 1st.
    £32/ Euro38
    If you mail me I'll tell you my ID on the biggest auction site.
    Thanks for looking.

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