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    Hi everybody!

    I'm a 4.5-5.0 player looking desperately for a new racket and yesterday I had the opportunity to playtest the Fischer Pro Extreme FT (11.4oz-unstrung), the Fischer Pro Extreme Nr. 1 (11.4oz- I guess this version is not available on TW) and the Head LM Prestige MP.
    Both of the Fischer's are quite hard to get in the U.S., thus I will give you a detailed overview.
    I playtested each of them for about 1 hour including a test set with each racket. I didn't add any weight on the 3 rackets.

    Pro Nr.1 FT:
    Although being in the upper weight range this racket is quite powerful. From the baseline I could not find any groove and length control with this racket. I always had the feeling of being not able to swing out my groundstrokes. Especially balls of my 2 handed backhand (which is my best shoot) landed quite of long. However, the sweetspot is quite big and if I was able to keep the ball in the field, my shoots were very powerful. Nevertheless for a player's frame this racket is not stable enough.
    Only for volleys (which you usually will not see me doing very often)the Pro Nr. 1 was the best racket because of it's 98 inch head size and the fact that it is head lighter than the HEAD LM Prestige. So it was very maneuverable up front.
    Serves were nothing special, neither positive or negative.

    Head LM Prestige MP:
    Indeed as posted already before this is quite a nice frame. It offers the biggest sweetspot of the 3 rackets and thus offered an unbelievable control from the backcourt. However, due to the tight 18 x 20 string pattern it is in my eyes best suited for people who hit straight shots without much spin. And I had to swing out every single shoot, because otherwise my shoots would be short around the t-line or in the net.
    The racket was also great for volleying, again a lot of control as well as for serves, no heater's but very good control on both first and second serves.

    Fischer Pro Extreme FT:
    A very very control orientated racket as well. It offered a smaller sweetspot than the Head -likely due to 95 inch head size. Additionally it gives you a good feedback if you don't hit a shoot in the center. However, I very much favored the open 16 x 18 string pattern which allowed for much more topspin. Good balance of control and power- if you need to put one away you can do so easily.
    Volleying was the hardest part with this racket (i would rate it lower than the other 2 rackets) With the smaller had size you had to hit the balls very clean and centered to get good results.
    Serves however, were unbelievable. Good heat and control - I guess this is the result of the small head size and the very head light weight distribution.

    Fischer Pro Nr. 1 FT feels more like a Tweener racket and in my eyes does not feel like a player's frame despite its weight. Overall a poor racket which does not suit any category. 27.4 to long for a volley racket, not stable enough for a baseliner.
    Head LM Prestige MP is a very good frame with good control. However, I did not like the tight string pattern + it felt a little heavy for me Swingweight of 325 matters more than static weight in my eyes (I weight only 145 lbs or 62 kg).
    Finally the Fischer Pro Extreme FT swings very leight (swingweight of only 314 !!) despite being heavier than the Head + 0.2oz and longer 27,4. However it is very head light which I like and is as stable as the LM Prestige and offers plenty of pop if you hit the balls very clean. I can only recommend the Fischer Pro Extreme FT for someone who seeks a true players frame.

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