Fischer M Speed Pro No.1 105 grommets replacement


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is there any current racquet in Pacific line-up similar enough to the 105 Fischer so that the grommets fit?

Much appreciated.


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would the pacific pallet fit this racket?
The short answer is 'no'. The long answer is 'maybe'...

The racquet pictured above has Fischer's older grip shape, so this particular one won't fit the two-plastic-screw pallet. Apparently the yellow/green version (and some of the newer red/green versions) came w/ the two-plastic-screw version, which is the same as Pacific's non BXT Precision Grip System (PGS), which is coming on the new BXT line of frames.

And to confuse the issue even more...the X Force Comp has been discontinued, so it will never have the new PGS...

Make sense?
so if i take off the base grip on the m speeds i have and see 2 plastic srews i can go ahead and get the pacific pallets . main reason for this is that i want a more flared out buttcap than i have now !


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OK, looks like you already had a conversation about this, and someone said you CAN interchange the non-flared butt cap version w/ the newer flared version:

See your question:
Then, 3 posts later, @etrevino09 states the following:
Hope this helps:
Pacific pallets = Fischer no tolerance pallets.
Fischer no tol pallets are different from Fischer magnetic pallets.
But, all fischer/pacific pallets can be use in any fischer/pacific racquet with pallet system.
The only difference is that pacific pallets and the fischer no tol pallets have the butt cap integrated.
I have never done it, but I'll take his word for it since he claims to have done it in the past.


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Thanks. I tried Google but couldn't come up with it.
Ah. Ok, so it wasn't that straight-forward. I started with 'tecnifibre fischer pro no 1', which gave me this:
In there someone referenced a review and pointed to here:
Which I then image-Googled 'Tecnifibre TFlash 315 VO2' and gave me the above image.