Fischer Magnetic Tour?

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  1. Sharkman

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    Jan 4, 2006
    I found this on It says that "Magnetic Tour" will be presented in February... :D Specs? Pics anyone?


    Tennis pros get going on Fischer skis!

    Also this year Fischer invited its top players to ski and relax in Obertauern as the tennis season 2005 came to an end. Great weather and perfect snow conditions made the days in Obertauern the ideal get-away. Players like Dominik Hrbaty, Tomas Zib, Bohdan Ulihrach and their coaches met to recover, disconnect from tennis for a while, ski or just to enjoy some quiet days with their families before starting to prepare for the coming season and the first tournaments in Australia and New Zealand.

    Especially for Dominik Hrbaty who showed an amazing performance at the Davis Cup final versus Croatia by winning both of his single matches against Ivan Ljubicic and Mario Ancic these days were a great recovery. Together with his girlfriend Martina he gladly accepted the invitation.

    At the same time Dominik took the opportunity to test and convince himself of his new Fischer racquet, the “Magnetic Tour” at the famous Olympia base where amongst others ski star Hermann Maier trains. The „Magnetic Tour“ will be officially presented at the ISPO-Munich in February 2006.

    For Fischer and for many players these days were the perfect end to an exhausting tennis season.
  2. sevens

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    Dec 7, 2005
    Sweet. I believe Hrbaty uses the Pro Tour Extreme - so we might expect a 95 sq. in. extended length M-Speed. I really like the M-Speed 98 but can't wait to demo the new one. Any pics/specs would be appreciated.

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