Fischer Mpro/black granite rattle

dave t

I have some fischers in good-great condition. Oddly enough, they've all developed a rattle around the same time. One of them, the black granite, has never been hit with (1st stringjob).

I have taken off the grip and pallet and tried my best to get the materials to fall out. I took out some foam/silicone on one side - no help. I have tried very hard, tapping, shaking etc, but nothing seems to work. I also tried feeding a wire up both sides - nope. are the throats of these racquets solid/closed off from the "hairpin" (base grip under pallets)?? I wanted to try to get the rattle out without losing a fresh string job and grommet set...

And if anyone is wondering, I am going to try a different stringer...



Sometimes if you take the grommets/bumper out you get lucky and garohite will shake out, but those should be hollow frames, I think.