Fixed Clamps Question

One of my fixed clamps started to wear out from many uses now and I'm considering replacing them on my Alpha Pioneer DC Plus. I did research couple of fixed clamp options I can choose from and would like to ask anyone with experience with the following clamps below:

Pros Pro Universal Clamp
Alpha Five Tooth Hybrid Clamp
Alpha standard 5 tooth hybrid swivel clamp

If there's other fixed clamps that i should look at, I welcome it.
Pro' Pro is Eagnas. The post on their clamps will not fit the base of an Alpha. You'd have to replace the base clamp too. The Alpha 5 tooth Hybrid is smaller--hybrid being for badminton, racketball etc. Go with t he standard 5 tooth swivel clamp.
Thanks for the suggestion. I was skeptical on the Pros pros, i put that one on the list because its cost effective. Was wondering if different companies such as Gamma would work too.
I can tell you from experience that they will not fit. But, if you find a clamp you like that the post doesn't fit, you can get a good machine shop to make the post fit.

I went ahead and bought the one from Newtechtennis and it fits well. It took awhile to adjust due to it working much differently than the old clamps work. After awhile, I like them much more on how easy are they to use and it felt good using it. These does have the diamond dusted plates on theses.
Fair enough. Learn something new every day. I will try that next time. It will make life a lot easier as well.

(For some reason I thought that most of the clamps grip was available at teeth level where the diamond dusted coating was. I thought that low down in the clamp didn't offer the same level of grip and also had more potential to damage the string.)
I don’t think so. I would want the string to go down in the clamp as far as possible or the clamp to go up as far as possible. If you try to get the string up higher you will vary the position from one string to the next.
Plus you're wasting an enormous amount of time trying to stop at the teeth and have a good grip each time versus just going until you can't anymore.