Fixed clamps... worth the $$$?


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I'm looking to get one of the Gamma stringing machines; either the Gamma Progression II 602, or Gamma Progression II 602 FC. The only difference between them are the fixed clamps on the FC. Are having fixed clamps rather than flying really worth the money? Its $150 more for fixed.


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Yes, faster and more consistant string beds. If you are learning it's also easier than having to deal with the flying clamps. I guess it boils down to personal preference though, can't go wrong either way. I personally wouldn't buy a drop weight machine but then again I string pretty much every day.... Good luck.. :)


I use flying clamps and find them no problem I get a consistent string job with a dropweight/flying clamp combo - much better than many of the pro shop string jobs I used to get.


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If you are really into tennis, then by the best stringer you can afford. I would stretch my budget and get fixed clamps...but you can do a good job with floating clamps. The key is being consistent and being able to repeat the method every single time...

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honestly, my opinion about the issue of fixed or flying clamps for beginners would have to stick with flying clamps for now such as the klippermate, alpha string pal, or gamma x2. my last choice for a beginner would be a klippermate.

as u progress and have more disposable income, then you can move to a fixed clamp setup (glide bar included)


Flying clamp has more draw back which is OK assuming it gets tighten
at the next pull. But when you clamp the last row in mains, it could be
looser since you can't re-tighten strong enough (and knot)..

I have electronic machine with 1 fixed clamp. So I use 1 floating clamp
for one side of mains. The last row(?) of main in floating clamp side
is looser than the other side..

I don't think there is a reason why beginner should start from floating clamp.
If you have budget, buy fixed clamp. I would put more importance on
clamping system than mounting system (,especially if you don't string
many of other people's raquets...)

Good luck.
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