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    ... and others big bolcks of courts.
    What happend to them after the main event over?
    How did they financin'em. Are they hosting other tournaments?

    One or couple weeks/year of playing, televised, sponsorised, backing etc are not enough, i suppose.
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    Flashing (Flushing) Meadows USTA tennis center is open to the public all year round and includes an indoor facility. Anyone can play on the courts there for a fee...not the stadiums, but the other courts. Plus they host tournaments up through November I believe. Also, charging $10 for a hamburger generates a ton of profit, so they're easily able to fund the place with the ridiculous concession prices they charge during the open.
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    in 2012 Wimbledon's owners made a surplus from the Championships of £37m, thats almost USD 60m.

    "In December 2008, the Club and the LTA agreed that the LTA to benefit from receiving 90 per cent of any distributable financial surplus resulting from The Championships until at least 2053."

    from : http://www.wimbledon.com/en_GB/about_aeltc/201205091336574569863.html

    And in answer to the OP's question, they are available for private hire for corporate events (to play) and i presume it wont be on Centre Court. They have a museum and do tours for public and schools, though not sure how much profit this generates.
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