Flat CC OHBH. From ping pong to tennis.

Hello all, any good ping pong players in the house that play tennis as well?

I play 4.0-4.5 tennis and good ping pong. I have taken many years of tennis instruction but 0 hours of ping pong instruction. However, by applying the mechanics, logic and strategy of tennis to ping pong, I have become good at it. Also, the fact that one of my best buddies had a ping pong table at his basement and I probably played 500 hours there helped! :):)

So, when I play ping pong, my backhand works like cutting butter. I can do anything with it, feel super confident with it, can hit accurately both DTL and CC, spin, flat, topspin, everything. However, I don't feel that comfortable with my OHBH when playing tennis. It works but it's not great. It's more spinny/loopy,deep-ish but I have trouble hitting flat and going for winners.

What am I having trouble decoding/breaking down the ping pong shot and applying it to the tennis shot? I know a video would help so I will try post one asap.

Any ideas/input welcome. :)
My ping pong TS BH has zero resemblance to my occasional TS 1HBH [I hit a 2HBH but can hit the 1HBH when I'm messing around].

The slice does have similarity but the ping pong stroke is necessarily a lot shorter and is just a block because the incoming ball is travelling so fast relative to the distance from the opponent.

You might be better off not trying to do a direct translation but to study the tennis 1HBH separately.
Big difference is, that ping-pong padel is so short and light weight. You basically hit with the back of your palm and need not too much bodily action, but wrist action, which as such is not too good in tennis one-hander.

Also the impulse of a ping-pong ball is like a butterfly flap. In tennis there is momentum involved.

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Yeah, ping-pong is hitting with your arm extended with the racquet surface. Tennis stroke is speeding up a racquet in a way that it hits the ball in a way that it goes where you want it and how you want it. Extra layer.
I destroy people in table tennis. It is almost too easy. As Pete said, there is almost no mass in the ball or the paddle, so you can put any kind of swing you can imagine on the ball. You can put crazy spin on it along all 4 axes, and combinations thereof. Can't do that so easily in the full scale deal.