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    Jul 5, 2009
    when i hit a flat forehand should my arm be extended out or be double-bend? when i tried to hit a flat forehand with extended arm, it's more likely to go wild but when i try to do it with a double bend, it doesnt have that much penetration and it dips down too much (so basicly i hitted a topspin with a flat stroke). anyway to correct this?
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    Try this. A bit unusual but should be instructive.
    Stand sideways to the net with shoulder line perpendicular to the net.
    You are facing the side fence.
    Put the racquet behind you with tip pointing to the side fence you see.
    Strings are parallel to the net.
    Now move your elbow back so the frame is behind and back of you.

    Now hit the ball by bringing the frame around your right hip,
    flexing your wrist so the frame tip ends up pointing to the target straight ahead at the back fence on the other side.
    Hit the ball near your back hip.
    Finish with your elbow almost at your left side for a full swing.

    Sounds weird but try it for 10-15 minutes against a wall.
    This is a flat shot with bent arm.
    Very good when you are going to be late getting to the ball around waist height.
    Also works well on soulder height balls by lifting your arm up.

    Hope it helps.
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    A double bend or straight arm style should determine how you hit a certain stroke. Federer uses a straight arm and hits flat and incredible topspin with this same technique. Also, Murray uses the double bend for topspin and flat. So what type of forehand do you use, because this is how you should hit a flat shot. You just hit through the ball more. Don't think about taking off some topspin because this will naturally occur if you are really following through on the shot.
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    Jun 18, 2008
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    I had the some trouble to hit a flat penetrating forehand with my sw grip.
    I'm improving it working on 2 elements:
    1 - the swing path ... no loop, swing very horizontal for penetration. Do some experiment taking notice of raq. head lower point during the take-back and higness of the contact point... wouldnt be too different.
    2 - the feet : if i can't point very well with my feet balls on the ground, if i don't feel to can tranfer really my weight on the ball, i avoid to hit an hard flat shot because sure I can't put power+spin, and go to made an hole on opponent back fence..

    A very very simplified idea is: choosing the swing path, you are choosing the song, measuring the weight to transfer, you are choosing the volume. :)


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