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    Jan 28, 2006
    i was at the club today paid $80 for a court. i had 2 baksets of about 100-200 balls. and had a radar gun to test my speeds.

    my flat serves were coming in at 110-118 mph for first serves which i did for about 30 minutes. but i had a problem on the ad-court when i was serving (im right handed) the ball would come off my racquet after it hit the ground would spin to the right. so it was hard for me to judge where i was hitting.

    i worked on my topspin serve (second serve) accuracy and was getting 30% pin point accuracy. i was getting 80% general area accuracy. and those are fine. my topspin were coming in around 80 mph. i did that for about 15 minutes.

    flat serves why does it look like its going straight (but i dont think it is?) but after it bounces goes to the right? it really screws me up when i try to hit corners. so im not that accurate and its hard to judge. sometimes it just goes straight and sometimes it doesnt.

    if i do a body shot serve it doesnt spin? not sure. but i want to hit the corners instead of body serves.

    i didnt work with a coach.

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