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    Apr 19, 2004
    I know some to most pro players have customized racquets, as I have seen a few up close and actually hit with a couple. What are some of your opinions of the flex of the racquets. Do you think that the flex rating is the same as the actual flex rating found on the racquets they use that are sold in the store. For example, a Babolat PD, does anyone think that Roddick, Moya's Babolats have a different flex than that found in the stores or is it the exact same racquet with just a bunch of tape. If companies do change the flex rating on their customized racquets for the players than that makes a significant difference in the type of racquet they use, since flex plays the major role in power level of a racquet.

    Just want to hear some opinions on this. Thanks.
  2. Don't know about Babolat in particular, but other big-name manufacturers easily vary flex for their players. Sometimes frames from a particular mold are made with two different flex ratings. I'd imagine other times the player can playtest various one-offs until they are settled on their own specific preferred flex (at least until their next round of playtesting). A frame designer would be at those hitting sessions collecting immediate feedback.

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