Flexpoint Radical or APD


Just wondering whether anyone here can give me a comparison between the aeropro drive (non cortex) and the flexpoint radical seeing as i dont have the facilities to demo. The rackets are fairly similar on paper but ive heard a lot of people comment on how babolats play differently to a lot of other rackets. I currently play with the k blade tour but suffer from tendonitis so am being forced to play with a lighter, less head light racket. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Josh.


it depends which radical you are talking about
i ve played with APD, APD + and FXP rad midplus and FXP rad tour
out of the four i thought the FXP rad midplus was the best and the APD+ was the worst
the rad tour was also pretty good, but since you're looking for a lighter frame i would have to go with FXP midplus =]


Sorry, yes i did mean the MP. Can you give me some feedback on how you found the FXP radical MP and APD? Thanks.
I have the APD without cortex. It feels a bit hollow but since I have added lead at 3 & 9, it plows through the ball and gives a solid response. It is best with a WW type swing due to the shaft. I do use a hybrid with vs gut and luxilon OG and it has just enough power when I take a huge cut at it. It plays lighter than the listed specs. I am a firm believer that strings and tension makes the difference for people and their feel of a racquet. Just my 2 cents.