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  1. hey peoples of the tennis world!

    anways im new to this message board and i just wanted to ask you guys about my foot problem. about 3 years ago i had a stress fracture on my right foot and i was out of tennis for about 1 month or so. anyways i continuted to play tennis until about 1 year from now when i got a job that requires me to constantly stand around. Ever since then i have been having constant foot pains everyday after work, and i am unable to play tennis as hard anymore because of the foot pain. The pain only hurts on my right foot where the stress fracture had occured... it hurts right under my ankle on the outer side.. It also hurts around the curve between the leg and the foot. Everyday after work the area between the ankle and the heel would swell up on the outer area of the foot. i have a pair of arthotics that i wear to work.. and they still dont work... my doctor also gave me a nigth splint thats supposed to stretch my achilles... it somewhat gets rid of the pain but its still there... what can i do!!!!! help me.. i want to play the hardest tennis i can but i cant!!! ahhh!!!!
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    Mar 16, 2004
    I'm no doctor but might be able to help. 1st ask your doctor to refer you to a Physical Therapist. Let the doctor know you are not progressing as much as you would have hoped for and are not able to play tennis. A good physical therapist (PT) who is familiar with working with athletes may be able to help. They will evaluate your condition and usually come up with a stretching and rehabilitation plan to get you back on the court. When I went to my PT clinic they also evaluated me for orthotics. You may ask your PT if they have that capability or if they need to refer you to an orthopedic or podiatric doctor for orthotics.

    Good Luck

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