Foot-rest for Standing?


I decided I will not sit so much anyone at my computer, I made a height-adjustable desk and I can raise everything very high. Now my foot hurt when I am standing for a long time. Anything there out that is really awesome? Price can be very high too - I would go for 300€ too if needed.



Talk Tennis Guru
I hate the new open office approach. My company nixed the open open office plans after a pilot.

These have 2x6 desks with a chair. You don't own your spot. No phone - you bring your own and your own laptop. To make calls, you go into a phone booth. No trash baskets. If you want to eat, you go to the cafeteria.

I lost my office a few months ago in a building merger. I'm hoping to go back to the old office format instead of the open office format. There's no privacy in the open office format.