For Chris re: Tec tflash 300 ps

Hi Chris I was just wondering if you’ve weighted your tec tflash 300 ps up?

Also could you comment on what the ball feels like coming off this frame (ie crisp, muted, etc)

I’m curious about the frame but it seems way too light in stock form for me.


TW Staff

I've not customized mine in any way. I like how light and fast they feel as it helps me generate easy pace and spin. I'm able to hit some nice angles with the racquet and also roll the ball deep to the baseline with little effort. I don't want to lose the easy racquet head speed I get from the TFlash 300 PS so I've kept mine stock. I find the power level great is stock form but think it might get too much if I add some weight and get more plow through.

I'd say the feel is similar to a Pure Drive. Not as edgy as an APD and a bit more open and forgiving -- I think due to the design of the yoke.

Hope that helps.
Chris, TW