For Chris: Tfight DC 315 Ltd (Thin Beam) vs IG Prestige

Frans Bleker

Hello Chris,

I saw the review of the Tfight DC 315 LTD series (with the thin beam), on paper the 18x20 version looks pretty similar to the IG Prestige MP and the 16x19 version to the IG Prestige Pro. I know you played the IG Prestiges so that's why I ask you. Till what degree are the DC 315 Ltd's comparable to the IG Prestiges? What is similar in practice and what is different?

Hope to hear from you!

Best regards,


TW Staff

I would say the Prestiges are good to go out of the box whereas the 315 LTDs require just a little bit of weight to juice them up. In stock form the LTDs are a tad low powered for me (much the same as the Srixon CX 2.0 Tour). Once the 315 LTDs have a little weight added to them I find them very comparable to the Prestiges. Great feel, control and just enough power. The 315 LTDs are great feeling racquets and if you are will to invest a little time weighting them up I think you'll find them to be a great follow up to the IG Prestiges.

Chris, TW