For everyone who does not like to use lead tape, this is the solution for weight under the bumper!

Frans Bleker

Montage Glue! Or assembly glue, or mounting glue.. Not sure what the translation is from Dutch. Anyway you'll be suprised how heavy this stuff is. I glue'd a grommet and put it back on the frame, without any problems and gaps I added 8 grams. I think more is easily doable.

It is really easy to acces how much you need. Just put a paper on a scale, add glue until you got the weight you want, then spread it with a knife or something on the inside of the grommet.

Hope this helps for some people.


Lead tape would be wayy easier to put on under grommets neatly and evenly and to remove or put in new grommets without having to try to reapply the right amount of glue evenly over the old.