For Federer to be 13-7 and 5-2 in Slam finals against Nadal he would have to.....

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    This is what it would have taken for their h2h to be reversed.


    to go 6-2 in Slams and 5-2 in Slam finals against Nadal, Fed would first have to win the 05 FO semifinal. Changes are very good he wins the final against Puerta.

    Then he could get to 5-2 in finals by:
    A. winning the 08 Wimby and 09 AO finals and 1 of the French Open finals
    B. winning the 08 Wimby or 09 AO final and 2 of the French Open finals
    C. Winning all 3 French Open finals but losing the 08 Wimby and 09 AO finals

    When all is said and done, here are the new Slam totals:
    Fed: 18-19, with 2-5 French Opens
    Nadal: 2

    Now, let's see how Fed gets to 13-7 :

    1. 9-0 off clay, 4-7 on clay
    2. 8-1 off clay, 5-6 on clay
    3. 7-2 off clay, 6-5 on clay
    4. 6-3 off clay, 7-4 on clay
    5. 5-4 off clay, 8-3 on clay

    Fed never had a CHANCE to go 13-7/5-2 (6-2) against Nadal!
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    Puerto y Galgo....
    FEdbag is a champion on Reversing stuff...


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