For Sale: Hard to find Prince and Wilson Raquets

Discussion in 'For Sale or Trade' started by gustav, Nov 25, 2007.

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    I am cleaning out the closet and I have a few frames to sell...all racquets are $50/each not including shipping.

    Prince Experimental Oversize (NXG) - 4 3/8 grip, Freshly strung with Lux. Big Banger Original. 7/10.
    Prince Graphite Mid (Straight Shaft version) - 4 1/2. Freshly strung with Prince Poly. 7.5/10.
    Prince Graphite II - 4 5/8 grip, almost new with the "p" on the throat. 9/10.
    Wilson 6.1 experimental - 4 1/2 grip, European version (18X20) all black. Got the racquet from a team wilson member in Europe. 8/10.

    Feel free to post back, or email

  2. gustav

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    Adding another racquet

    Prince Precision Retro MP - 4 1/2. Rare racquet only released in Europe. Head size 95 inches. 7/10 - $50
  3. gustav

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    Wilson Sold

    Wilson 6.1 has been sold

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