For the love of Cilic

I have a clue(his choking ways against big3/4) but I don’t share the TTW’s consensus on him either. I actually like his game and he seems like a really nice and humble guy.
Same here. I like him, but my faith in him has gone down over the course of 2018. Until he beats a top player deep in a slam again, I'll have my doubts. He has all the tools to win slams.
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Cilic is massively hated here and I have no clue why.
Yea I've thought about that aswell. You cannot find a more harmless guy than that. Professional, no tantrums, calm, liked on the tour by everyone but people still fund a way to hate the guy. I guess cause he has such bad records against his fellow top players (fedalovic). But I don't see how that is a reason for hating him.

I guess people are affected by butthurtism cause Cilic can't help their favourite player to beat someone they want to see lose
He seems like a nice guy and can play great tennis.

I prefer such a player more than a cringy attention seeking Djokovic and a "Too weak? Injury, no?"-Nadal. But TTW is full of fans of those two weirdos, so it's obvious that Cilic is hated here.
Crying during a final of the most important tennis tournament of all irritated millions of viewers and they haven’t forgotten.
Yeah, should rather have not given a damn about the injury or the final and tank like someone you love often does.

I mean, to hate a player because he chokes?


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I don't hate him, I just don't overrate him. I don't believe his level at USO 2014 when he won the title was more untouchable than the levels of other slam finalists like Gonzalez and Tsonga who didn't go on to win those respective slams. Cilic just lucked out that Djokovic was taken out before the final.


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He's alright i guess. Never a controversial guy.(except if you're Serbian:sneaky:)
But i do hate it when he starts to dump those forehands in the middle of the net. :rolleyes::rolleyes: