For those who didn't believe me...


Even Serena admitted the dance was "inappropriate" when she was asked what the name of her post match dance was called.

“Actually, there is a name. But I don’t know if I
— it’s inappropriate,” she dodged. “It’s just a
dance we do in California.”

Here's the article in case you want a source:

Since the last thread about this topic was removed I hope the race-baiting trolls stay off of this one. Let's have a grown up discussion this time, please.

ps- Again, congrats to Serena for her masterful performance yesterday. She, IMO, is the best female player of all time. It's just unfortunate that she keeps making bonehead on-court decisions.
Hey, a dance is a dance. Just too bad that it's associated with some unfortunate events. She obviously didn't use it in that context. But yeah, not the smartest thing to do really.