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Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by Techniques, Feb 18, 2009.

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    Alright, I've got a bit of a problem with my forehand. My forehand used to be my weapon and I always used to run around my backhand to my forehand. However after about a years work on my backhand, my forehand has become pretty crap. My backhand is the more penetrating shot now- it's probably not as consistent as my forehand yet but its a much more solid shot than it was before. My forehand is just not penetrating enough. Seriously, it feels so weak now. I use a extreme semi-western grip (in between semi-western and western). The problem is i get massive amounts of spin but it just doesn't feel like I'm hitting through the ball. My forehand always lands on the service line/before the service line now a days and this isn't acceptable when your playing better players. Yeah, sure I get away with it against guys I usually beat but now I'm starting to play against more serious opponents and it just doesn't cut it any more. Another thing I've noticed with my forehand is that sometimes, actually a lot of the time the racket is torquing and my grip changes to a full western grip after my shot. Is this because I'm not holding the racquet hard enough or something? I just feel really really crap about my game at the moment because my forehand is really letting me down. It's probably why I'm not getting the results I should be getting. My forehand is a consistent shot and it's got better directional control than my backhand but it just does not penetrate at all. It also wears me out very quickly because I have to swing very hard and fast to generate enough pace so that it doesn't drop short...
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    You can flatten out your swing, so it's almost level, to rid the top.
    You can modify your grip towards extreme Eastern.
    You can hit the ball higher over the net on your forehand and live with the topspin.
    You can hit more rally forehands with a wide OPEN stance, so the ball goes higher for more depth.
    I won't mention you can swing harder, as that is just plain lots of energy wasted.:)
    If you grip changes during the stroke, I'd use newer overgrips or squeeze tighter.

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