Forehand similarities at highest pro level

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    Nov 7, 2011
    In this age of modern racquet era, I noticed the undisputed similarity of forehands by top players I have seen, namely Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Almagro.

    Let's take closer look at their racquet movements. It started at a point where the racquet's butt is aimed at the ball has bounced nearing the peak. Let's say the racquet direction at this time is 6 o'clock

    The racquet accelerates very fast, as it is pulled by forearm, smacking the ball out in front. Racquet direction at this time is 3 o'clock.

    Now the followthrough, where the racquet continues to 12noon. The racquet pointed to the net, the whole arm is pointed to the net. Wrist and racquet are straight. The shoulder is somehow perpendicular to the net.

    Stop there and analyze. We can't say "Arming the ball", because the racquet nowadays is doing the energy recquired on impact as generated by the arm pronation.

    Methink it's a world class stroke of the modern era.

    Agassi, Kafelnikov and Sampras doesn't follow this motion. They have their own signatures. Most club players, I think still follows the

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