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    My forehand grip is between the semi western and full western, I finish with the racket around my waist. To keep the racket square at contact I take the racket back open but find I can't get hardly any topspin. If I take it back closed it does not come square at contact. What should I do? and what do you semi/full western grip uses do so the racket is square at contact?
  2. finchy

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    Apr 11, 2004
    use a laid back wrist. practice swinging at air. look at your arm in the motion.
  3. gmlasam

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    Jun 3, 2004
    Yes practice with a "laid back" wrist on the back swing, point the butt of the racquet at the ball, have a looe grip and relax arm. Also, make sure the racquet travels from low to high. I
  4. Bungalo Bill

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    Feb 19, 2004
    Well it isnt the grip because you have a grip that can generate topspin. It isnt the takeback whether closed or open because you havent hit the ball yet.

    So it could only be what happens when you make contact with the ball. If you take the racquet back and bring it forward straight and meet the ball with a perpendicular (square) racquet face, chances are you will hit a flat ball. If your swing is coming from below the ball and is angling up to meet the ball squarely, you will impart topspin on the ball.

    Two things: Bend your knees to get the racquet and hand below the ball. Your forward part of the swing before you hit the ball should start below the ball going up to meet it and then followthrough. Try exaggerating your finish over your shoulder instead of your waist, it might help you swing up more before contact. Sometimes I have students freeze the followthrough with the racquet almost pointing to the sky so they know they are swinging low to high.

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