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I think the popularity is relative to the amount of people playing. That has declined greatly, so the interest in professional tennis is likewise. Tennis isn't the only sport with participation and viewer issues. Amazingly, Football is having similar problems despite its appeal. Participation is way down, and stadiums at all levels have trouble staying full like they once did. Its why so many conferences are allowing alcohol sales now as they are trying to fill the stands. Outside of the big programs many schools are in the red with their football programs, and NFL teams are struggling to fill their stadiums. Same in other sports here in the US, so I don't believe its a tennis problem. However, a lack of strong American players on the tour, compared to the 70's and 80's, has certainly not given the recreation public in the US anyone to cheer for. A casual fan just isn't going to show up

Hard to say. I am thinking they might push each other to promote and manage the system of playing better. May give more opportunities to compete. I guess I am thinking of it like the WTA/Grand Prix of the 70's/80's. Lots of tournaments all around the US, and lots of guys competing usually one tour over the other. Right now it is all dictated through the ITF-ATP/WTA, with the different associations wanting their piece. There is just something about this setup that doesn't require them to care. And as the ITF is making a big proportion of their money through their gambling alliance, why bother promoting some challenger event. Money is coming from matches being played, not from fans in the stands, so there is no stake in putting out a good product.

Tons of issues with the USTA management, and so many people calling it out. They've been calling them out for Years! Can't believe they are a non-profit

100% agree....As I stated above, football is having problems, baseball has for years...lots of sports with attendance issues

Thats pretty good. It was the finals though, on a weekend I assume. I bet the Monday through Friday matches were tumbleweeds

I was there Wednesday night, another decent crowd given it’s a Futures and off the main path down in Southaven. They set a large open tent with a stage full of chairs, also tent covered bleaches on each side. Mostly full. Nice venue though.

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bobleenov1963 isn't being elistist, but rather describes the elitism in his/her area.

Could college tennis become popular? Yes, just like any other form of entertainment. But for that to happen, stakeholders must invest in it. And apparently they aren't.


You definitely live with a chip on your shoulder. Where did I flaunt my wealth? I am not even wealthy I just simply pointed out that tennis is an expensive sport. That's what most people in Potomac, Mclean and Great falls do.

Yes, I am currently at JTCC in college park to watch the Jr. ITF tournament and my kid is not even playing there. There are ver few AA players in the tournament. It reflects the fact that tennis is an expensive sport.

You need to get out more often to see how other people live.

Good for you. Stop with the racist comments that African Americans can't afford to play tennis. Just stop. Honestly, no one asked for a breakdown of how much you spend on tennis. Also, the car comment was petty. Trust me, I know how other people live. I was an official for four years. I could give a detail breakdown of Junior tennis players. its not pretty.


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I have no problem with foreign players playing college tennis. My issue is that I wonder if it is a level playing field for American players and foreign players. I was told by a D1 coach that the NCAA has different rules for when the "NCAA clock" starts ticking for Americans vs foreigners. By that I mean when the start of a player's 4 years of eligibility starts. He told me that for Americans the clock starts 6 months after high school graduation but for foreigners this window is prolonged far beyond that. He said that it is not unusual to have a 21-22 year old foreign freshman. Does anyone know if this is true?
As a British parent of a D1 player, the rule I was told was only 1 (gap) year after finishing full time education. (18 yr old) in U.K. which is equivalent to 12grade senior (I think)