Forget records, whose tennis is pleasing to the eye ?


I agree but why Murray though. Out of all the grinders out there,he's the most aesthetic isn't it? Ofcourse at the end of the day he's still a pusher. :lol:
Murray's mentality is so confusing. He resorts to pushing so much, but when he (rare) does start hitting through the ball he wins. So why doesn't he do it more? I saw a video of him practicing awhile back and damn can he really smack the tennis ball. He's gotta do that more consistently.

On topic, Fabrice Santoro.


Djokovic? Seriously? thats like watching a dog fetch a frisbee over and over again.

Anyways, I enjoy Federer and Dolgopolov the most, both of them just have very watchable tennis.


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Current: Nalbandian, Gasquet, Nadal, Federer, Bryan Brothers.

Past: Henman, Safin, Sampras, Roddick, Agassi.


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Nothing to add. I actually like Berdych but he's an exception = too big of an a***ole to put him on the list.

Those who pick Djokovic are crazy, he has the ugliest strokes out there along with Murray. Nothing pleasing about his game.
I like Berdych's game too but he seems like such an arrogant *****. After he wouldn't shake Almagro's hand because he got hit with a ball it was over for me and I have seen several hissy fits/bi@&$ moves since then.

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hicham arazi

rafael nadal

alexander dolgopolov

juan martin del potro

all very unique styles and pleasing on the eye.......del potro though not unique, is fun to watch......

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i would rather watch paint dry than watch the boring generic brand of tennis of federer and djokovic.......the only time their tennis looks interesting is when they are up against each other.......


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I love to watch Soderling's game. It doesn't matter if he's on or not. I just like watching someone who is so aggressive and is the type of tennis I also like to play.
Federer duh those who are saying novak or someone are still considering fantardism, remove that too and the answer presents itself


Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Tommy Haas &.... Fernando Verdasco (when he's on fire).
Can't help the nando love ...
Really love that serve and forehand.