Former long time Asics Gel Res users, what shoe did you move to ?

I ended up purchasing Nike Vapor X Wides. Couldn't pass up the price when I saw them in store. For my wide feet, I had to lace them with my feet in the shoes to get a comfortable fit.
Just got a pair of the SoleCourt Boosts. They are very close to the Asics GR6 as far as support and stability are concerned. Wide toe box. More cushioning than the GR6 but less than Babolat SFX3. Also weight is more similar to GR6. But the shoe feels very premium in quality so hopefully it will be a bit more durable than the SFX3 and GR6.
Adidas Solecourt Boost is a great shoe. Played 3.5 hrs of hardcourt tennis and they were totally on point for stability, cushioning and speed. That boost foam really does rebound energy back at you. Felt like I was on springs at times. Toe box got roomy near the end due to break in so I’ll be lacing tighter next time but awesome shoe.

Bought a second pair while they are still on 20% off.